Fresh Bundle Master

Fresh Bundle Master tips and tricks

These are a collection of Tips and Tricks to help you get the most from the Fresh Bundle Master plugin. You can also Get Help in the Community Help Forum Issues with Bundles Not Displaying Correctly Depending on the particular theme you are using for your site, you might find that some of the bundle […]

Fresh Bundle Master and Amazon Terms of Service

The Fresh Bundle Master Plugin has been designed to be 100% Compliant with the Amazon Terms of Service requirements for Affiliates. Amazon Compliance Affiliate Disclosure As an Amazon Affiliate, you are required to clearly identify yourself as an Amazon Associate on your site. We have provided the default text for you in the “Translation Options” […]

Localizing text with Fresh Bundle Master

The Fresh Bundle Master plugin makes it easy for you to take control of translating and localizing the text displayed in your bundles, without the need for complicated file editing or other plugins. The titles of the products and their variations come directly from Amazon and cannot be changed – but all other text can […]

Change display settings in Fresh Bundle Master

The Fresh Bundle Master plugin has been configured to attempt to utilize the built-in styles of the Currently Active WordPress Theme. Here is an example of how the plugin automatically picks up the styling of different themes: While we have tested this against a number of themes, it is impossible to test against every theme […]

Displaying bundles with Fresh Bundle Master

Once you have created your bundles, you can then add them to your blog posts or pages. Embedding a Bundle in Posts & Pages While editing any post or page, you will see an icon for the Fresh Bundle Master plugin on the text editor. Clicking this will bring up the wizard to embed your […]

Editing saved bundles with Fresh Bundle Master

Editing a Saved Bundle To edit a saved bundle, first select ‘Bundle Creator’ from the Bundle Master menu. Here you will see a list of currently saved bundles. Select the bundle you would like to edit. Note: If you are using the pro version, you’ll then be asked to select which locale you’d like to […]

Creating a bundle with Fresh Bundle Master

The “Bundle Creator” screen is where you will define the bundles you want to promote on your site. You will need to create your bundles before you can add them to pages and posts. From the Bundle Master menu, select ‘Bundle Creator’. Here you will be given the option to Start a New Bundle or […]

Getting started with Fresh Bundle Master

Thank you for purchasing Fresh Bundle Master, a WordPress plugin created to allow your visitors to buy a bundle of related Amazon products instead of just one. Create a bundle now and see a massive increase in your commissions. Activating your License for Upgrades To get started, you will need to enter your License key. […]

FSB New Version Acceptance Criteria

Just starting the list [more to follow] Some of these are absolute basics but we should test all before every increment. (Major versions have more testing) Full Install without issue Upgrade from V4 or lower without issue Upgrade templates Able to access the API Amazon.php encrypted Checkout Clicks use correct tag and go to Amazon

Installing Fresh Bundle Master

Please note Plugins cannot be installed on sites. You must have a self-hosted installation to use this and any plugin. This Guide assumes you already have WordPress installed. After Purchase, download the Plugin from in your account section In your WordPress admin panel, select Plugin -> Add New Select the ‘Upload’ tab […]

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