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Creating an Amazon Affiliate tag for your store

To receive any commission off Amazon, you will need an Affiliate tag – the Amazon tag is used to determine that it is your account that sent the customer to Amazon.

To create an Amazon tag, first of all, open your browser and navigate to the Amazon affiliate site for your locale. The best way to find this is to search Google for “Amazon Affiliate” followed by your country, then look for the page in the results, ensuring it is an official Amazon page (i.e.

Log into your account using the login section, the location of which may vary depending on which locale you are using.

Once you are logged in, clock Manage in the top left hand corner.

Now, click “Add Tracking ID” to add a new tracking ID.

On the next screen, you need to type the tracking ID you wish to add, then click search – this will verify that the tracking ID is available.

If the tracking ID is available, it will be confirmed on the next page – note that this will have been appended with a -20 (this varies depending on the locale, UK is -21)

Now, you need to add this tag to your store.

Log into your stores dashboard and click tools – change parameters.

Then select Tags, Keys & Code from the menu on the left.

Finally, add your Amazon tag into the “Amazon Tag” box and click Save.

Verifying your store with Google

If you wish to use Google Webmaster Tools to monitor your stores health and traffic, you must first verify that you are the owner of the store. There are a few different methods available to do this, however we will be using the “Google Analytics” method.

Before you can do this, you must have a Google Analytics account and have added your website there.

The first step is to log into your store’s dashboard, and make sure you have entered your Google Analytics tag.

Navigate to the Fresh Admin area of your store and click tools – change parameters from the top menu, then select tags, keys & codes from the menu on the left.


Now, enter your Google Analytics code for your site into the top box.

Next, head over to Google Webmaster Tools  and sign in to your account. Then, click Add A Property.

On the next page, enter the URL of your store and click Add.

You will then be presented with the different options available to verify your website. The screen you see may look different to the screen below, there may be a tab that contains the different methods that you will need do click.

You need to select the “Google Analytics”method of verification.

Now click the red Verify button at the bottom of the page.

You should now receive a message that your site has been verified and you can now manage the site via the Google Webmaster Tools website.

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