Fresh Store Builder

Setting Up Custom CSS For Your Store

We all want our stores to be unique and with Custom CSS colors, you can easily transform your website. In this guide you will learn where to find the Custom CSS and how easy it is to change, preview and set your CSS options for the Fluid Template. STEP 1: Login to your store and […]

How to Add Videos to Content Pages

With the Fresh Store Builder you can easily add videos, HTML codes for images and ads. In this guide you will learn how to add videos or any HTML code to your content pages. STEP 1: Go to YouTube and choose the video you want. You will click on the Share option and then select […]

Guide on Using Regenerate Spinning Content Feature

This is another old video created with no sound but if you have been using FSB then you should be able to follow along. We have more information on Spinning, click here to see all guides relating to spinning.

How To Add the Same Product In Multiple Categories

In this guide I will show you how you can add the same product to multiple categories. You will firs need to look at your store and find a product that you want to add to multiple categories. For this example I choose the Blue Waterproof Shower Speakers. In the below image you will see […]

How to Add Manufacturer Logos On Your Homepage

In this guide you will learn how to add manufacturer logos on your homepage. If you would like to learn how to upload manufacturers images and merge manufacturers please watch this video guide. STEP 1: You will need to add the Manufacturer Logos in your widgets. To do this you will go to: Content–>Widgets–>Add Widgets. […]

How to Upload a New Template

This guide will show you how to upload and enable your new template. You will need to download the template .zip file you got with your purchase. This guide shows the process with cPAnel and using File Manager. The process is the same using FTP or any other hosting platform. You need to connect to […]

Uploading Custom Images to Products

With the Fresh Store Builder script you can choose the main product image, disable the product images you don’t want and upload a new product image. In this guide you will learn how to upload custom images to your store products. If you want to learn how to change your product image, please CLICK HERE. […]

How To Change Your Product Image

When you import products from Amazon the images that appear might not always be in order. You might also not like the main image and want to change it to something else. In this guide you will learn how to change your product image. STEP 1: Choose the image you want to edit. For this […]

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