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Is this WordPress? Does Fresh Booster replace FSI? Fresh Store Instant is a standalone website that comes with everything you need to build amazon affiliate websites. It does not work inside of WordPress, it works side by side it The Fresh Booster Plugin will let you embed products from your store into your blog post/pages […]

Creating a website to use when applying for an Amazon Affiliate account

Before you can apply for an Amazon Affiliate account, you will need a website to use.

You will not be able to your your store as you need your Affiliate account before being able to populate your store, so the easiest way around this is to us e a simple blog.

First of all, head over to and click “Get Started” in the top right hand corner.

Now as this website is only going to be used when applying for an Amazon Affiliate account, the details aren’t too important, however we will go over it.

First of all, select a layout – I select the first option, “A list of my recent posts”.

Next choose a theme – again this isn’t really that important unless you plan on using your site, so just select the first theme.

On the next page you will need to enter a keyword that describes your site – this will be used for the URL of your site so it is important that it is relevant. Type the word and press enter, then some suggestions will appear – you want to select the top one as this is free, however if you are unhappy with it you can always change the keyword to something else and press enter for a new list.

Once you are happy with the domain, click Select. Now we need to select the plan we are going to use, of course this is going to be the first plan, the free one.

You must now create an account by entering your email address, a username and choosing a password. Then click “Create my account”.

You now need to sign in to your email to verify your account. Clicking the verify link will take you to your admin area of WordPress.

Once here, you can click the link on the left hand side to create a new post.

Now to add a post, we need something to write about. If you have any content you can use, great, if not, you can go to and find an article to use. Simply search for an article that relates to your blog.

I will search for Board Game articles for my board gaming blog.

Next, click on the article you wish to use, and when it loads, copy the content to your clipboard.

Now, go back to your blog, click on the box below the Title box, and paste your content in there. You also need to copy/paste or type the Title of the article.

You can now publish your article by clicking the publish button in the top right hand corner. If this is not enabled, it is probably because your account has not been verified – you need to click the link in the verification email before you can publish any posts.

You have now published your first blog – now you can either add a few more articles using the above process, or use now use this website to apply for your Amazon Affiliate account.

Creating an Amazon Affiliate account

Before you can start using Fresh Store Instant, and earning commission from Amazon, you will need an Amazon affiliate account.

In order to apply for an Amazon Affiliate account you will need a website that you can use with your submission to Amazon. This can be a simple blog website. If you do not have a site, please watch our video on how to create a site to use when applying for an Amazon Affiliate account.

Once you have a website, go to the Amazon Affiliate website for your local, e.g. and click join now/sign up.

You must then sign in with your normal Amazon account.

Once you have signed in, follow the steps to create your account.

The first page asks who payments should be make to – ensure these details are correct and click next.

On the next page, enter the URL of your website, click Add

You must then tick the box to say you confirm that your site is nor aimed at children under 13, then click next.

The next page contains details about your site.

First of all, you can choose your preferred affiliate tag- this is the tag you will use in URL’s to earn commission, so choose something relevant to your store, for example my store was selling Board Games, so i entered boardgames in the preferred tag.

You must then fill in the other boxes, giving details of what your website is about, choosing a primary and secondary topic your website falls under, and selecting the relevant tick boxes to show what kind of items you will be listing.

You must also select a type – i selected content and niche as my store has a blog attached to it.

There are a few more questions about your site – i will not go into too much detail about these as they are fairly self explanatory. Once you have filled in this page, click Next.

You must then read Amazons terms and conditions and tick the box to say that you agree to them, then click Finish.

On the next page you will be given your associates ID, this is a variation of the preferred tag you specified before and you will need to enter this into your store.




Creating an Amazon Affiliate tag for your store

To receive any commission off Amazon, you will need an Affiliate tag – the Amazon tag is used to determine that it is your account that sent the customer to Amazon.

To create an Amazon tag, first of all, open your browser and navigate to the Amazon affiliate site for your locale. The best way to find this is to search Google for “Amazon Affiliate” followed by your country, then look for the page in the results, ensuring it is an official Amazon page (i.e.

Log into your account using the login section, the location of which may vary depending on which locale you are using.

Once you are logged in, clock Manage in the top left hand corner.

Now, click “Add Tracking ID” to add a new tracking ID.

On the next screen, you need to type the tracking ID you wish to add, then click search – this will verify that the tracking ID is available.

If the tracking ID is available, it will be confirmed on the next page – note that this will have been appended with a -20 (this varies depending on the locale, UK is -21)

Now, you need to add this tag to your store.

Log into your stores dashboard and click tools – change parameters.

Then select Tags, Keys & Code from the menu on the left.

Finally, add your Amazon tag into the “Amazon Tag” box and click Save.

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