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How to Install Fresh Store Builder

In this video we look at how to install a new Fresh Store Builder store (in 3 minutes or less!): Do you want more detail? Check out our full install guide here or watch the following video:

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How to Find Your Amazon Affiliate Key & Secret Key

How to find your Amazon Key and Secret Key. First you must login to your Amazon Affiliate Account. The direct link to this is . If you click the down arrow under the USA flag, you will find the links to other Amazon Locales. 2. After you have logged into your Amazon Affiliate Account, […]

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3 minute install video

See how Fresh Store Builder installs in 3 minutes or less! Our support expert Will shows us how easy it is to install Fresh Store Builder.

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How to research an Amazon niche for Conversion Pro

In this video we share strategies on researching an Amazon niche for focusing on a single product. This video focuses on using the Conversion Pro template, but can be applied to other websites that focus on a single product.  Please see the Video Notes at the end of this page for notes on concepts Carey […]

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Fluid WordPress Theme Review

The Fluid WordPress theme is designed to exactly match the Fresh Store Builder template Fluid and bring additional functionality to your blog.  You can purchase the Fluid WordPress Theme here:

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Fresh Store Builder v5 Webinar – Q&A with the Product Creator

In the first session, you will get the chance to attend a live webinar with me – Carey Baird – founder of Fresh Store Builder. I will walk you through the installation process of Fresh Store Builder LIVE and the best practices that other users have been implementing on their FSB Stores to make sure […]

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Fresh Bundle Master – Early Bird Demo and Walkthrough

In this video I tell you all about my brand new WordPress plugin – Fresh Bundle Master. This plugin lets you put together a collection of related products which your visitors can buy with 1 click. You will see a boost in click-throughs, commissions and satisfaction of your visitors as you give them exactly what […]

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FSB Tips #8 – Sideboxes

In this video I talk you through using the “Sideboxes” feature of Fresh Store Builder, which allows you to control exactly what your customers see in the side area of your store.

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Adding Product Bundles

Product Bundles are a fantastic feature and allow your visitors to purchase multiple products at once. Group several products together (e.g. a table, chairs and cushions) and provide a single page to order them from.

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